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Sacred Awakening: Experience Deep Relaxation Through Yoga Nidra

Sacred Awakening, Lisa's premiere CD, takes you on a journey into yoga nidra, a unique state of deep relaxation and alert awareness achieved through breathwork, gentle movement, chanting and guided meditation.

The benefits of this practice are felt right away—a calmness of mind, a relaxed body and a heightened sense of mental concentration for both beginning and experienced yoga students.

CDs are $17 plus tax and shipping. Discounts are available for bulk orders.

To place an order, call 518.256.2710 or send an e-mail request to You can also order Sacred Awakening online from CDBaby. It's fast, easy and secure. Click here for details.

CD details
Sacred Awakening was created for you to experience a complete Yoga Nidra practice at home. It contains 45 minutes of instruction in four sections - Centering, Gentle Movement, Yoga Nidra Practice and Closing. Along the way, you are invited to awaken and access your deep subconscious with compassion and clarity. By accessing these deep layers, Yoga Nidra encourages transformation and healing and provides a powerful practice for releasing deeply-rooted habits, fears and beliefs. If practiced regularly, Yoga Nidra works on the challenging habits of mind that actually create and sustain inner conflict. It also nurtures positive habits of will and discipline through mindful awareness.

Track One: Centering
The focus of this track is to attune to the current state of your body, mind and spirit through a centering meditation and breathwork. You are invited to rest in the present moment - alert and attentive but willing to surrender conscious control of your experience.

Track Two: Gentle Movement
Track Two focuses on a sequence of gentle movements to prepare the body for relaxation. It is an experiential process created to draw your awareness inward.

Track Three: Yoga Nidra
During Yoga Nidra, Lisa offers a specific guided experience to facilitate an awakening of the body, mind, spirit to the sacred, authentic core of your life. Yoga Nidra begins with attention to the breath and then moves to a series of affirmations. Next, you are guided to move your attention over different parts of your physical body. After more breathwork, Lisa intones the ancient chant, Dona Nobis Pacem. As the chant ends, you deepen your breath and return to consciousness slowly and mindfully. The formal practice of Yoga Nidra ends with a simple offering of Metta (Loving-Kindness) to yourself.

Track Four: Closing
In this segment, you attune to your body, mind and spirit in the present moment. When you are ready, you lift your gaze, open your heart and awaken to the life and love that surround you.

Sweet Soft
Space of Peace

"There is an elegance
and grace in this
luscious flow into
marvelous reprieve
that's perfect for
coming back to a
place of oneness.
Lisa's guidance has
helped me come
home to that sweet
soft space of peace
during difficult times."

—Michele Grieco-Hackett